IMPULSE ENTELECHYTM opens the portals to your heart and soul.

Expand your creativity with vibrational movements to fulfill and manifest your dreams. The processes of creativity are sequential and require your full focused intention. This opens the doorways to your heart and soul.

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Take a Quantum Leap

Enjoy the leap into the unknown. Realize and discover the unlimited creative forces that keep life exciting and alive, regardless of age.

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Healing & Education have the same roots. A different approach to both is found with IMPULSE ENTELECHYTM.

IMPULSE ENTELECHYTM was developed by Dr. Jean Schweizer a movement therapist and educator. It inspires the individual to heal and to learn from within.

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The Codes unfold your full potential...

Each individual has his/her own vibrational wave pattern and that pattern vibrates throughout the entire being. In this way every individual relates life experiences according to his/her own pattern.

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Welcome to IMPULSE ENTELECHYTM by Dr. Jean Schweizer
A Vibrational Approach to Learning, Healing, and Evolving




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